Our brand was born out of a passion for boats and a desire to innovate. Duna Belsőépítészrt Kft. has been dealing with various interior design works, as well as ship renovation and construction for more than 20 years. We work with qualified professionals in our own, modernly equipped plant, with high quality requirements.

In 2016, we saw that the time had come to create a boat of our own development, as well as a new Hungarian brand, DUNA BOATS. Combining many years of professional experience and the opinions of our customers, we developed our concept, the result of which was the Duna 6.1 electric boat completed in 2020. The slogans formulated during the development, tradition, design and innovation have become the philosophy of our company.

In 2022, our company entered into a partnership with the Suzuki Marine Hungary. As a result of the cooperation, we created a showroom. The official dealership and service fills a gap in the region.



Our company's first model is the Duna 6.1 Cabin, which offers luxury solutions in a compact size. The special, characterful look is coupled with advanced technical content. We used our twenty-five years of professional knowledge and the opinions of our clients during the design process. During the production we tried to use traditional solutions, so the CABIN has a hand-made teak deck, teak interior furniture and quality design. This gives the ship a sense of life and a sophisticated look in which the past and present can be found together. In addition to appearance, usability has also been emphasized. Its sun deck and spacious sleeping cabin can accommodate up to three people. The comfortable three-seater sofa seat has a height-adjustable and fold-out teak table, two folding side benches and a full-size refrigerator. According to the emerging needs, the Danube 6.1 is available not only in electric but also in petrol and outboard engines.


Full length.: 6.10 M
Full width.: 2.25 M
Draft: 0.65 M
Maximum crew: 6 person
Weith: from 1070 kg
Power : from 10 KW
Speed: 15 km/h
CE category: C